...no, of course, I thought of more to say.

In case you were desperately wondering
what my top 10 CDs of 2001 are, the list is as follows:

1. ben folds, rockin' the suburbs
2. travis, the invisible band
3. r.e.m., reveal
4. dan bern, new american language
5. rufus wainwright, poses
6. blur, the best of 
(ok, not officially a 2001 release, but I wouldn't've
discovered that I adore this band without it)
7. dar williams, out there live
8. pete yorn, musicforthemorningafter
9. dave carter & tracy grammer, drum hat buddha
10. jude, king of yesterday
[honorable mentions,
b/c it's too short: jian, the first six songs...
b/c it's too long: the nields, live from northampton
and b/c I'm a fan, and I've already got 'em: 
barenaked ladies, all their greatest hits 1991-2001]

That very well may be the last update for 2001.
It's been a good year.  Mostly.
And that's all any of us can really ask for, isn't it?

Hm.  This may be the last update for 2001.
Well, I'll try to make it something adequate, then.

Playlist for the Holiday Eclectic Café has been added.
Check it out--I had a banner time devising it.  Audiogalaxy
is my salvation for holiday music.  Who knew Jill Sobule,
Ben Folds, and Belle & Sebastian all had festive tunes?

In other news, it's 11pm and I have a paper to finish.
I go home in eleven days.
I turn twenty in thirteen days.
2002 happens in twenty-seven days.

I don't think I'm ready for all of this.

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night...

Ok.  Usually I'm not this crude.  But my suitemate
Steph came up with this little witticism this evening,
and it would've had me, um, "rotflmao" (feh)
if it weren't so painfully, time-managment-impaired-ly true:

Procrastination is like masturbation.  It's all a lot of fun,
until you realize you're only f*cking yourself.

yeeeeah.  That's it.
Oh, and only 2 more weeks till I'm twenty...
God, that sounds old.  *heh*

Oh, look.  December already.  Kat's fave month
of the year.  Too bad half of it will be spoiled by
the stresses of schoolwork.  *sigh*

Also, a couple of writings updates--I've added actual
links for two poems I've had online for a while now,
but whose links never got put on the main menu.
The new one, awake and breathing, will be read
tomorrow evening as part of a September 11 tribute
in musical composition and spoken word.

Yes indeed--yours truly has wound up as part of
the Yale Poetry Collective.  Huh.  Who'd've thought?

...but only b/c it's after midnight.  I'm not shirking my
updating duties, darnit!  Anyway.  Pleasure to be back
on the air.  Go here to see what was played.  I was told
the webcast would be up this week.  I was lied to.
Hopefully it'll be there for next week's holiday extravaganza!
(Eggnog and fruitcake must be self-supplied.  Sorry.)

For those keeping track, the EC will be off until
I return from Thanksgiving (Nov. 27).  I had a lovely
time partying with the Freshman Chorus last night instead.
Their social chairs even want a copy of my retreat '01
mix CD!  Talk about knowing the way to my heart...

Anyway.  Updated CD archive (for the last month or so),
and added a couple new links.  Maybe someday I'll get
around to adding pictures.

Maybe someday I'll get a digital camera & my life would be
SO much easier.  Alas.  Happy turkey day nonetheless.

Look, Ma--new playlist!

Also, an addendum: no show next week due to
the thoughtless intrusion of a hockey match
into my air time.  Hopefully this won't happen again.
At least they're telling me in advance this time...

Wow.  Can't believe it's already November.

More pressingly, can't believe it's 11pm on
a Sunday night and I haven't finished anything I started
this weekend.  Fie on me.

Minor bio update, and lots of introspective thought
spurred on by the discovery of an online journal of
a onetime high school friend.  It's amazing how far
removed I feel from her, from anything four years ago

Hm.  Don't mind me, I'll just be here thinking.
Carry on.

mmmmR.E.M.  Such a good album.  Soothing.
Reveal, that is.  I'm on a "2001 new releases" kick
right now.  Can't wait to put together my "best of"
list this year.  It'll be faaaahbulous.

Oh, yeah--playlist.  Thrill to see what you couldn't hear.
There is good news on that front--the webcast may be up
before we reach Thanksgiving.  I'm keeping my fingers
crossed--please do the same.  Thanks.  You're swell.

Another week, another playlist.

I have three pieces of news:
1) I have a DVD player in my dorm now.
2) I also have a Tekno-Kitty in my dorm.
3) I'm going to be home for my birthday.

None of that directly concerns you, I know,
but I find it all to be at least better-than-average,
if not good, news.  So!  Right.  Till next week.


I spoke too soon... I just received this utterly unexpected email:

<<Congratulations, Katherine!

 From the 67 entries in the poetry contest presented as Morse College's
Tercentennial celebration, your work, "the future"
was chosen as the Second Prize winner.>>


I assumed b/c I wasn't notified immediately after the judging
that I was out of the running.  Wow.  Hey!  Good news, eh?

I really need to get more sleep on Tuesday nights.
This up-till-3-am stuff really must stop.
And I didn't even get a webpage update in!  Geez.

It's there now, though.  Go look.  It's last night's playlist,
all bright and shiny and new-like.  You'll like it.  Promise.

Oh, for those of you keeping track, my little tercentennial
effort did, indeed, fail to garner any prizes.  But that's ok.
Intrinsic benefits are all I need, baby.

Parents coming this weekend!  Yep, that time of year already.
My, but time flies when you're always three steps behind yourself...

October already!  And over a year of playlists.
Just added another one, too, so check it out.
This week marked the first broadcast from our new (!)
facilities, all shiny & sparkling.  Also a bit dusty,
with lingering paint fumes.  But that will fade, I'm sure.

Last day in September.  Wow.
Also, at long last, a new poem,
lovingly crafted for a contest
about Yale's tercentennial.

I don't think it's "Yale" enough to win,
but I like it anyway.

It still feels like 9.25, but it's after midnight.
Semantics, semantics.

Playlists.htm is updated!  Last Hendrie Hall show.
The Grand Move takes place This Weekend.

Kat will be Very Tired.

Just like she is Now.

I drive a '98 Chevy Cavalier Convertible.
Black.  Manual transmission.  Love it.
And our Glee Club director referred to it
as "the Fru-mobile" yesterday.

Maybe I should start calling my parking garage
the "Fru-cave."  Mwahaha.

At last, a "usual" update--
the EC is back!  for another grand semester.
WYBC moves Oct. 1, so hopefully our webcast
will return shortly thereafter.

Go here, sign up, and you'll be among the first to know.

One last thing--Jude has a new album!
Out of nowhere.  It's called King of Yesterday.
Get it.  You won't be disappointed.


god bless america.  please help.

Well, it's been awhile.

And I'd be lying if I said you hadn't missed anything.

There hasn't been much action in the radio world--
the fall schedule is still being put together, and
since the move hasn't yet happened, there might
be some static (no pun intended) till things get settled.

I've bought lots of new cds in the last month, more
than making up for the 8 that got swiped in a strange
incident in Vancouver.  Tops of the bunch, currently,
is the new album from Ben Folds, Rockin' the Suburbs.
SO wonderful.  It hasn't left my player all week.

Sadly, it also will forever be the soundtrack to what has been
the most fantastically terrible week of my life, of all of our lives.
I woke Tuesday intending to vote in New Haven's democratic
mayoral primary, to hear the last of the Glee Club auditions
and stay up all night with the officers determining this year's roster.

Instead, I was greeted with a morning of terror that has evolved
into days and days of numbness, apprehension and heart-wrenching
loss of innocence.  The September 11th bombings of the World
Trade Center and the Pentagon have changed the face of America,
changed our perspective on the world.  I grieve for the loss of
so very many innocent lives, for the last moments of those
on the hijacked planes who knew they were staring into the face
of death, for those rescue workers who climbed into the smoldering
towers and found themselves caught in their subsequent collapse.

I want to see justice served as much as anyone, but I fear
any knee-jerk reactions that fail to take into consideration
the after-effects of escalated force.  We cannot show ourselves
to be vulnerable, but at the same time we must not bring ourselves
down to the level of our antagonists.  War by nature brings
innocent lives to untimely ends, but we must not bomb arbitrarily,
nor should we persecute Arab / Muslim Americans simply
because they look "dangerous."  I'm already hearing of instances
where people have been attacked (or worse) simply due to
unfounded stereotypes and fears.  

We WILL fall if we allow ourselves to be persuaded in this manner!
Do not stand for such blatant acts of injustice.
We are at war against individuals, not ethnicities or religions.

I intend to do all I can to help, in whatever small capacity I'm able.
I'm giving blood, donating supplies, and just trying to be
a compassionate, supportive, life-loving person.
That last one is pretty tough, and I don't pretend to be any better
than anyone else at it.  I just have to do something, in order
to make any sense of all of this.

It still doesn't make sense.  I want to wake up to Monday again.

...but I can't.  Ever.
And neither can anyone else.

Be safe, be well, and God bless.

Y'know, kkdotcom has been around for over
a year now.  The anniversary was June 12.
That's happy news!  I like it here.
Hope you do, too.

This is the last "summer" update--I'll be at a concert
next week, so there'll be no EC.  I go home on Aug. 12
for a bit of r&r, and I'll return Aug. 29, just in time 
for more class.  I'm trying to get the webcast issues
resolved at work before I leave for the summer.
We *will* be heard again!  Yes indeed!

It's been a good summer.  Thanks for playing.
Come again soon.

Look!  Look at how timely I am this week!
Part of that is definitely incentive from this
weekend's impending pilgrimage to FRFF
for pure, shiny, folky goodness.  Yum.
Hope to see a few (or a lot!) of you there...

Hope none of you were waiting particularly
anxiously for an update this week.  *heh*
It's here now, though.  And I can assure you
that we're *very* close to bringing back our
webcast.  Isn't that grand?  I think so.

One of these days I'll actually update my pictures.
Hm.  Anything else you'd like to see?  Let me know.

Usual update.
Freaking out over midterm.
Das gefällt mir nicht.

Happy Independence Day!
I know I'm a little early, but tonight's broadcast
just put me in the mood.

I've also got more than one reason to
celebrate.  Tomorrow's a big day.
And I'm not sure I'd want it any other way.

Hm.  After an unsuccessful attempt at a broadcast
last week, the EC is back!  And better than ever!

See for yourself if you don't believe me.

I'm in the process of fixing the fact that the kk.com
banner at the bottom of every page isn't appearing
on most pages.  Please be patient.

You know, as patient as you've been about the fact
that the "photos" page is pleasantly devoid of photos.
*sigh*  I'll get there, I promise.

Wow, over a month since my last update.
I feel like I've been neglectful of my little online persona.
(In actuality, I've been very busy finishing my sophomore
year, being Glee Club social chair and being listless
at home for 2 weeks.  Hard work, all of it.)

I'm back in New Haven now, with very little internet access
to my name (and what there is is sloooow).
I've managed to update my playlists for last week and
this week, so check them out.

Oh, yeah--the webcast isn't working right now.
I should change my radio page to reflect that.

I will.  Later.

Oh, man, am I sleepy!
But I knew if I didn't get this done tonight,
God knows when it would've gotten done.

New MARATHON playlist!
If you see spelling errors, let me know--
it was done with all deliberate speed, I assure you.

The EC will be taking a brief hiatus, and will resume
broadcasting again June 5.  Reminders will be sent.

I'm officially a junior now.  That sounds old.

3:28am.  I'm going to bed.

Ahh... so nice to be back on Tuesdays again!
The show went really well, despite some silliness
on my part during the mic breaks.  *heh*

The big announcement:
Next week is an
That's right, hours and hours worth of EC fun.
I'll be starting at 6pm and going till I drop (or 12am,
whichever comes first).
Please, tune in for as much as you can!

Wellwell.  It's good to know that people *do* check
this here page for k k dot com updates!  Thanks,
those of you who soothed my little paranoia.

New playlist for the second of the two Sunday
broadcasts this month.  Next week (May 1), we'll be
back to normal Tuesday programming.

Thanks for your patience.  You're swell.

So, the Sunday broadcast went well enough--
except that I wasn't aware I'd have to end 15 minutes
early so that a baseball pre-game could be aired.

Whatever.  I hate sports.  This is just fuel for the fire.

Do people even read this page?  Or is this all just
for my own personal edification?  Hm.

Sorry.  This has been a neurotic week for me.  Carry on.

New week, new playlist!
But the EC will be off for the next 3 weeks,
sadly, due to scheduling problems.
Hopefully I'll be able to arrange a trade
so the show can go on.  I'll let you know.

Had to take down the photos pages--
Geocities got wise to my (minor) violations of
their terms of service agreement, I fear.

I'll have to make (erp) Geocities pages to view
the pictures.  In the meantime, um... go here.

(Oh, and none of the links pictures are showing up, either.
Except for Mailbox's.  Which appears to be magic.
They'll be back eventually, I promise.)

(Ok, I lied.  I fixed it just now.  I couldn't help myself.
And that's enough updates for one day.)

First off, there's a new look to the bio page.

There's also a new playlist.  The interview with
Leni Stern went well!  If you want a copy, let me know.

I'm back!  And I had a phenomenal show tonight.
St. Paddy's Day, Spring & all.  Good fun.

Minute change in the bio (BNL!).
Also, plenty of new stuff in the CD archive.  Dig!  Enjoy!

Last day of February!
Hopefully Spring is just around the corner...

New week, new playlist.

But take note--there will be NO show for the next
two weeks because I will be on Spring Break.
(Don't say I didn't warn you.)
The Eclectic Café will resume broadcast on
Mar. 20.

Ohh, tonight's show was fabulous!
Post fru-con, even.  I miss you all!
(Remember, tapes available, on request.)

I made some minute (but important)
changes to my bio, too.  Go there!

Radio radio!
Go see the extraspecial playlist
from the Love 'n' Früvous show.

Did I mention that I'll be bowling with the band
this Sunday?  No?  I'll keep you posted, for sure.

Wow.  Three updates in six days.  Pretty impressive.
There was an extra-special Saturday edition of
the Eclectic Café this week.  Check it out!  (Hey Hey Hey...)

Oh, and there's a new poem.  Happy Valentine's day.

Check out the newly improved links page!
A whole listing of fave band links will be forthcoming,
so stay tuned.

Wow!  I forgot to do an update on 1.16 to announce
a new playlist.  My apologies.  There's another new one,
at long last--silly hockey games and WYBC dinners.
Sorry I'm a sickly DJ--
I'll try to make myself well for next week.

I also updated my bio.  I have a major now!
I feel so... focused.