Barenaked Ladies

Baby Seat
Deadeye Dick New Age Girl
John Wesley Harding Goth Girl
Richard Shindell Abuelita
Moxy Früvous Horseshoes
Eddie from Ohio This My Town
Blur There's No Other Way
The Hippos Wasting My Life
Dayna Manning A Walk on the Moon
They Might Be Giants Sleeping in the Flowers
The Be Good Tanyas The Littlest Birds
XTC Greenman
Ellis Paul Seven
Crash Test Dummies Filter Queen
Travis Turn
Hotel Faux Pas Tickets to the Rapture
Cat Stevens Peace Train
The Nields Ash Wednesday
The Gentle Waves Let the Good Times Begin
Fountains of Wayne Today's Teardrops
Dar Williams Mark Rothko Song
Sarah Harmer Weakened State
The Urge Say a Prayer
Tom Wolfe Where He Can Hide
Merrie Amsterburg My Romeo
Sarah Harmer Basement Apartment
Blur For Tomorrow

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