Erin McKeown

La Petite Mort
Richard Thompson 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
Blur Coffee & TV
Peter Mulvey A Better Way to Go
Annie Burns Days in Italy
Travis Side
Sarah Slean Bank Accounts
Scavenger's Redoubt Hide in the Shadows
The Paperboys Living Proof
Michael Penn Beautiful
Patty Larkin Mink Coats
David Matheson You Remind Me
Aimee Mann Ghost World
Cake Short Skirt / Long Jacket
The Nields Fountain of Youth
The Apples in Stereo Stream Running Over
The Kennedys Angels Cry
Belle & Sebastian Jonathan David
Rufus Wainwright Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk
Dar Williams In Love But Not at Peace
Hotel Faux Pas They Saved Hitler's Heart
Moxy Früvous Beware the Killer Tents
Eddie from Ohio Three Fine Daughters of Farmer Brown
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer Disappearing View
R.E.M. She Just Wants to Be
Jude I Know
Barenaked Ladies Blame It on Me
Martina Sorbara Once I Was Mighty
Richard Shindell Calling the Moon

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