Ta-da!  I'm nearly done with the semester,
and out of radio shows for 2000!
See the last playlist, or ask me what I thought
of the Beach Boys' take on "We Three Kings"...

I'm nineteen!
I'm also inordinately sleepy.
But I've had a good birthday.

That's all.  Good night.

The second-to-last show of 2000 is on the web!
Check it out.  I really liked this show.  If you liked it,
I'll make you a tape.  You don't even have to get me
a present for my birthday.  I'll give the tape away free.

But if you want to get me a present, there's still time.

Happy December, fair visitor!
Today I had a good radio show.  And in even
better news, they fixed the malfunctioning tape
recorder in the studio--so I can make copies
from here on out!  Just let me know.

Oh, and I'm the new General Manager of WYBC.
Not much, just a whole year of power and
responsibility over Yale's radio stations.
[Congratulatory gifts can be sent PO Box 202244,
New Haven, CT 06520.]

(I'm kidding about the congratulatory gifts, by the way.
Make them birthday gifts instead.)

Last November update!  Time flies, doesn't it?
New playlist added, and as always, more stuff in
the CD archive (after fruitful used CD shopping
over break).  I only have 18 more days of being 18.

Still no president.  But who needs a president
when you've got a playlist like this, hmm?
That's what I thought.  No show next week
'cause I'm on Thanksgiving Break.  Whee!

I wanna know who the president is.
Otherwise, my election night show got cancelled
due to a hockey game, so no new playlist.
I did just do a bit of an overhaul on the cd archive,
so feel free to browse through there instead.

Happy November!  And I greet you on this
All Saints' Day with a new playlist, and an incredible
lack of sleep from carousing at the YSO
Halloween Show late into the night.  Blerg.

Playlist update!  Right here.
A very fun show.  Go here to purchase
the Me, Myself and Irene soundtrack
like I asked you to.  *grin*

Surprise, surprise--Tuesday night & there's an update
to the playlist page.  Good show, barring some minor
technical stupidities on my part.  Go.  Read.  Enjoy.

Updated playlist page again.  Sorry to say the tapes
of these first 3 shows have come out so poorly...
I'm not releasing "the Chipmunk Tapes" without
digital tweaking.  Bah.  I'll keep y'all posted.

Updated playlist page--not as great a success technically
as the first show, but a darn fine playlist, if I do say so myself.

I donated blood today!  My first time.
Just wanted to share that with you all,
and encourage you to do the same.

Updated playlist page--First show a success!

Don't be deceived by the month-long delay in updates...
I have been updating the CD archive with alarming regularity,
albeit in stealthy secrecy.  Not much else has been going on...
until now.  The Eclectic Café debuts tomorrow, 9.26, at 8 pm EST!
So lots of updates on the radio & playlist pages.  Listen!  Please!

Lots of new stuff!
An entire radio page, as well as a CD archive
that I'll try to keep updated (at least, that's the plan).

New poems on the writings page:
Anathema and Daybreak
Also updated my set of online pictures of myself.

Minute (but important!) changes to the bio page.

Additions to the photos page (@ k's house, seattle),
and a new brian page.

It's up!  And most everything is functional.
Let me know if there are any missing links, graphics, etc.