Michael Penn

XTC Senses Working Overtime
Moxy Früvous Lazlo's Career
Badly Drawn Boy Another Pearl
Eddie from Ohio This My Town
Mark Donato I'm Flapping
Barenaked Ladies Pinch Me
Cake Rock & Roll Lifestyle
Jill Sobule Heroes
Hotel Faux Pas She Looks Stupid When She Dances
John Wesley Harding Bad Dream Baby
Groovelily Little Light
Moxy Früvous The Norbals!
Counting Crows Children in Bloom
Moxy Früvous The Norbals! (reprise)
Belle & Sebastian There's Too Much Love
The Waystation Problem with the Girl
Susan Werner Petaluma Afternoons
R.E.M. Swan Swan H
Hotel Faux Pas The President Has a Monkey
Magnetic Fields The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side
Guster Center of Attention
Goldfinger This Lonely Place
Jude Prophet
The Cardigans Paralyzed
They Might Be Giants Your Racist Friend
Frente! Labour of Love
The Nields Forever

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