Tall New Buildings

Fashion in Your Eye
Eddie from Ohio Quick
John Wesley Harding She's a Piece of Work
Travis Pipe Dreams
The Apples in Stereo Signal in the Sky
Barenaked Ladies Helicopters
Groovelily I Want to Know What Love Is
Gordon Downie Chancellor
Veda Hille Strange, Sad
The Beta Band Squares
Belle & Sebastian A Space Boy's Dream
The Nields Gotta Get over Greta
Rufus Wainwright Greek Song
R.E.M. All the Way to Reno
Ben Arnold Worlds Away
Moxy Früvous It's Too Cold
Ivy Lucy Doesn't Love You
Sarah Slean Me & Jerome
Annie Burns The Owl
Tori Amos Concertina
Fountains of Wayne Troubled Times
Nanci Griffith Traveling Through This Part of You
XTC I'd Like That
Elvis Costello Peace, Love and Understanding
Hotel Faux Pas Swimming
Lincoln Wish You Were Dead
Belle & Sebastian The Loneliness of a Middle-Distance Runner
Jill Sobule October in Paris
Richard Shindell Calling the Moon

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