Jess Klein

R.E.M. Bittersweet Me
Feathermerchants Water & Dreams
Angry Salad 99 Red Balloons
Great Big Sea Feel It Turn
Guster Either Way
Eddie from Ohio Irish Dream
Elvis Costello Brilliant Mistake
Sloan Don't You Believe a Word
DaVinci's Notebook Title of the Song
Crash Test Dummies Come and Get You in the Morning
Michael Penn Like Egypt Was
Peter Mulvey Check Me Out (Hey Hey Hey)
John Linnell  Montana
Groovelily I Want to Know What Love Is
The Hippos Always Something There to Remind Me
Jill Sobule Smoke Dreams
Sean Altman Unhappy Anniversary
Moxy Früvous Billie Jian Medley
John Wesley Harding People Love to Watch You Die
Brian McClelland Sensational Girl
10,000 Maniacs The Earth Pressed Flat
Groovelily Weight of the World
Joan Osborne Hurricaine
Beth Orton Stolen Car
Belle & Sebastian Le Pastie de la Bourgeoisie
The Nields This Town Is Wrong
Blur For Tomorrow

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