The Apples in Stereo

The Rainbow
Travis Sing
Eddie from Ohio Good at That
Sarah Harmer Basement Apt.
Josh Joplin Group Gravity
R.E.M. Beat a Drum
Equation Hard Underground
Merrie Amsterburg E x E
Blur The Universal
Martina Sorbara Claudia
Moxy Früvous Lazlo's Career
XTC My Bird Performs
Barenaked Ladies This Is Where It Ends
Radiohead Pyramid Song
Sting A Thousand Years
Beth Orton Sweetest Decline
Travis Pipe Dreams
Dar Williams The Ocean
John Wesley Harding I'm Wrong About Everything
They Might Be Giants Spiralling Shape
Crash Test Dummies Never Comin' Back
Hotel Faux Pas June 16th and I Can't Feel My Legs
The Magnetic Fields The Cactus Where Your Heart Should Be
Fleming & John Sadder Day
Patty Larkin Anyway the Thing Is
Rufus Wainwright Shadows
Belle & Sebastian A Summer Wasting
Richard Shindell Calling the Moon

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