Dar Williams

As Cool As I Am
Lucy Kaplansky Crazy Dreams
Cowboy Junkies I Saw Your Shoes
Gorillaz 19-2000
Jude Everything I Own
Pete Yorn Closet
Cake Love You Madly
Hedwig and the
Angry Inch
Origin of Love
Travis Side
Tori Amos I Don't Like Mondays
Hennessey Delilah
Colony Natalie
Jian Natalia
Jump, Little Children Violent Dreams
Ben Folds Not the Same
Aimee Mann The Fall of the World's Own Optimist
Ruth Gerson Your Promised Land
The Nields This Town Is Wrong
Great Big Sea Mari-Mac
Nanci Griffith Where Would I Be?
Ellis Paul Angel in Manhattan
Andy Stochansky Majesty
Belle & Sebastian The Model
Moxy Früvous Down from Above
Lincoln Taller
Merrie Amsterburg Undertow
Richard Shindell Wisteria
Barenaked Ladies Great Provider

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