Jian Ghomeshi

Persian Cowboy
John Wesley Harding I'm Wrong About Everything
Barenaked Ladies Go Home
DaVinci's Notebook Title of the Song
Joan Osborne Hurricaine
Blur Country House
Great Big Sea Rant and Roar
Aimee Mann Calling It Quits
Richard Shindell Transit
Andy Stochansky Insect
R.E.M. Bittersweet Me
Sean Altman Presto Change-O
The Nields Gotta Get Over Greta
Jill Sobule I Kissed a Girl
Ellis Paul She Loves a Girl
Moxy Früvous Disco Video Bargainville
XTC Greenman
Coldplay Yellow
Equation Not the Man
The Paperboys Still the Night
Merrie Amsterburg My Romeo
Peter Mulvey On the Way Up
Rick James You and I
Jude Rick James
Mono Puff Poison Flowers
Guster Airport Song
John Wesley Harding Like a Prayer
Ellis Paul The World Ain't Slowing Down
Jian Ghomeshi Follow the Road
Brian McClelland Sensational Girl
Great Big Sea Everything Shines
Eddie from Ohio Eddie's Concubine
Crash Test Dummies Every Morning
Crash Test Dummies The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead
Guided by Voices How's My Drinking?
Sarah Slean Climbing up the Walls
Moxy Früvous My Poor Generation
Barenaked Ladies Fall '00 Compilation Medley
Barenaked Ladies Too Little Too Late
Josh Joplin Group Trailways
Dar Williams The Christians and the Pagans
Beth Orton Stolen Car
Groovelily Hole
Sean Altman Unhappy Anniversary
Andy Stochansky Majesty
Moxy Früvous Sahara
The Ocean Blue Do You Remember Me?
John Linnell Montana
Michael Penn All That That Implies
Lincoln Unhappy
Sloan Losing California
Sarah Harmer Lodestar
Elvis Costello Radio Radio
Nina Gordon 2003
Sting A Thousand Years
Travis Writing to Reach You
Equation Autumn Tune
Guster All the Way up to Heaven
Brothers Creeggan Lila
Moxy Früvous Splatter Splatter
Tragically Hip Something On
The Paperboys Crashing Down
Eddie from Ohio Irish Dream
Ben Folds Five Magic
John Wesley Harding Your Ghost
Fountains of Wayne Red Dragon Tattoo
The Nields Jeremy Newborn Street
Johnny Nash I Can See Clearly Now
Cat Stevens Moonshadow
Belle and Sebastian Waiting for the Moon to Rise
Ellis Paul Angel in Manhattan
Moxy Früvous Kids
They Might Be Giants The Statue Got Me High
Hotel Faux Pas Flammable Pajamas
Arrogant Worms Last Saskatchewan Pirate
Tory Cassis The Same Painful Story
Dar Williams After All
U2 Walk On
Moxy Früvous I Love My Boss
Moxy Früvous I Will Hold On
The Nields Forever
Blur For Tomorrow

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