Patty Larkin

Angels Wings
Alexis Shepherd Purple Ray Gun
Merrie Amsterburg World of Our Own Making
Sarah Harmer Coffee Stain
The Nields Jeremy Newborn St.
Andy Stochansky Fly
Guster Barrel of a Gun
Josh Joplin Group Gravity
Nina Gordon Got Me Down
Peter Mulvey Words Too Small to Say
Leni Stern Rescue My Heart
DaVinci's Notebook Stuck in the Middle with You
Appendix Out Golden Tablets of the Sun
Looper On the Flipside
Sean Altman More in Hate with You
Coldplay Spies
Dar Williams Are You Out There?
The Blake Babies Civil War
John Wesley Harding I'm Wrong about Everything
Equation No Change Likely
Suzanne Vega When Heroes Go Down
Jill Sobule Heroes
Eddie from Ohio Old Dominion
Swag Lone
Crash Test Dummies A Little Something
The Ocean Blue Garden Song
Moxy Früvous River Valley
Blur For Tomorrow

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