Imitation of Life
Jude Oh Boy
Counting Crows Hanginaround
Colony Who I Wanted to Be
Hedwig and the Angry Inch Midnight Radio
Hennessey Slave to Fashion
John Wesley Harding Words, Words, Words
Catie Curtis My Shirt Looks Good on You
Tori Amos Rattlesnake
Jian Baby Don't Lie
Martina Sorbara Call Wolf
Dar Williams Mark Rothko Song
Travis Dear Diary
Eddie from Ohio Number Six Driver
Merrie Amsterburg State Highway 16
Richard Shindell Transit
Dave Carter &
Tracy Grammer
Highway 80
(she's a mighty good road)
They Might Be Giants Wicked Little Critta
Moxy Früvous The Goal Judge
Arrogant Worms The Mountie Song
Ben Folds Zak and Sara
Michael Penn The Whole Truth
Jude Rick James
Barenaked Ladies Light up My Room
The Nields Friday at the Circle K
Belle & Sebastian Family Tree
Rufus Wainwright California
Josie & the Pussycats Pretend to Be Nice
Jill Sobule When My Ship Comes In
Barenaked Ladies Great Provider

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