Tori Amos

Strange Little Girl
Ben Folds Still Fighting It
Pete Yorn Lose You
Jess Klein Springtime
Nanci Griffith Lost Him in the Sun
Gorillaz Latin Simone
Equation The Cuckoo's Nest
Counting Crows St. Robinson and His Cadillac Dream
Barenaked Ladies Falling for the First Time
Moxy Früvous Disco Video Bargainville
Jude King of Yesterday
Eddie from Ohio Oh My Brother
Cat Stevens Peace Train
Jian Quebec City
XTC Greenman
Brother Blackest of Blue
Cowboy Junkies Bread and Wine
Hennessey Life on AM Radio
Great Big Sea Everything Shines
Colony Happy
The Beatles Obla Di, Obla Da
Dar Williams The Great Unknown
Jump, Little Children Cathedrals
Lucy Kaplansky Broken Things
Louis Armstrong What a Wonderful World
Barenaked Ladies Great Provider

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