The Lifting
Ivy Edge of the Ocean
Dar Williams The Ocean
Jian Ghomeshi Baby Don't Lie
Andy Stochansky She Sang
Martina Sorbara Bonnie & Clyde
Aengus Finnan John Tyrone
David Matheson Old Love
Coldplay Sparks
Nanci Griffith Pearl's Eye View
Gordon Downie Vancouver Divorce
Annie Burns God Made Woman
Ben Folds Five Battle of Who Could Care Less
Moxy Früvous Nuits de Ręve
Travis Flowers in the Window
Tori Amos Cloud on My Tongue
Molly Zenobia Frozen
Veda Hille 26 Years
Richard Shindell Courier
Sting A Thousand Years
Aimee Mann One
Hotel Faux Pas Poetry of Love
Fountains of Wayne It Must Be Summer
Fleming and John Radiate
Dave Carter &
Tracy Grammer
Guster So Long
Richard Shindell Calling the Moon

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