Moxy Früvous

I Will Hold On
The Nields One Hundred Names
Jess Klein Love Is Where You Find It
Moby Find My Baby
Ellis Paul She Loves a Girl
U2 The Sweetest Thing
Moxy Früvous Fly
Simon & Garfunkel America
Jude Brad & Suzy
Hotel Faux Pas Two-Headed Zombie Love Curse
They Might Be Giants Older
They Might Be Giants Maybe I Know
Eddie from Ohio Atlantic
Ben Folds Five Magic
Brian McClelland Beside You Now
John Wesley Harding She's a Piece of Work
Cake Jolene
Moxy Früvous Fell in Love
Radiohead High and Dry
XTC We're All Light
Sarah Harmer Open Window
Ween Even If You Don't
Lincoln Wish You Were Dead
Moxy Früvous Half as Much
Fleming & John Comfortable
Beck Debra
Great Big Sea Fast as I Can
Blur For Tomorrow

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