Well, I lied--*here's* the last entry for 2002.

Just went to googlism.com and found out
who 'kat' is (yes, I know, many of you have
done this already--I'm slow on the uptake).
It's remarkably poetic and remarkably telling.
(I especially like the line about smelling like
muscat, since that's my suitemate's last name.)

kat is de tijger
kat is
kat is where its at
kat is a brat
kat is weggelopen
kat is furious
kat is daydreaming' by murray perry
kat is my religion
kat is drowning cowboys
kat is you around??? iz left ya a masage at da talk bawd
kat is walking towards me
kat is blah blah blah
kat is weird
kat is drawing cowboys
kat is back posted on saturday
kat is the only musician taking authentic classical music scores
kat is the only genius since beethoven to systematically resurrect classical music
and bring it to the moron masses
kat is ancient
kat is currently looking at
kat is moving on in her life
kat is a richly yellow wine quite distinguished by its unmistakable muscat aroma
kat is still around
kat is looking for work
kat is ready to work
kat is obsessed with taking tests
kat is one feisty
kat is for ornament
kat is much funnier with her running commentary
kat is really her mum
kat is hit in the leg while bringing food
kat is now on a path to take classical music into the 21st century
with metal through the use of midi instruments
kat is my open honest sweet secret soul girlboy woman
kat is like me first marriage
kat is a surefire winner
kat is kids and technology
kat is here
kat is god
kat is always worth listening to
kat is being written in the object
kat is hard to measure
kat is more your type
kat is an idealist
kat is the brown
kat is a very smart kat
kat is ready to strike terror into the eyes and ears of all
kat is 150 gram by weight and she is yelling much louder than i
kat is the world's fastest cyberspeed guitarist
kat is a sophisticated yet comfortable lounge offering elegant dining
kat is the bestselling author of twenty
kat is probably the most inventive
kat is in lock mode this is in quad cell units
kat is wounded near the end

I did it!  I turned 21!

I also typed up last night's HOLIDAY
radio playlist.  Good times had by all, for sure.
Next show won't be till mid-January,
so stay tuned.

In fact, this very well may be the last
update of 2002.  Damn, that's scary.
You--yes, you.  Be well throughout the holiday
season, and have the happiest of new years.

2003.  Graduation.  Real Life.
Guess that's the real present this year.

One week!  One week!
I'll miss being 20.  It's such a delightfully
round number.  21?  eh.
It's not a very indie birthday.

Right.  New playlist.  It was a mad fun show.

Also, time for my list of the top 10
CDs released in 2002:

1. Nerissa and Katryna Nields - Love and China
2. Tori Amos - Scarlet's Walk
3. Chris & Meredith Thompson - Clearwater
4. Susan Werner - New Non Fiction
5. Andy Stochansky - Five Star Motel / Counting Crows - Hard Candy
[I can't choose.  They're both 5th place material.  Sorry.  :) ]
6. Sean Altman - alt.mania
7. Richard Shindell - Courier
8. Ellis Paul - The Speed of Trees
9. Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head
10. Badly Drawn Boy - Have You Fed the Fish?

runners up, b/c their discs are *so* close to being masterpieces--
but fail in the final yards: Great Big Sea - Sea of No Cares
and Aimee Mann - Lost in Space... mostly b/c the last studio albums from both
were *so* good, and the follow-ups just weren't on the same level.

oh, and special mention, Jimmy Eat World - s/t [Bleed American],
b/c it came out last year, but I fell in love with it this year.
And 97x (www.woxy.com) listed it in its year's best, so I can, too.
Also Semisonic, whose 2001 release All About Chemistry was
the soundtrack to my spring break.  I also really enjoy Beck's new album,
but it hasn't been in my player enough to warrant a rating in the top 10.
Same goes for the new DVN and kennedys albums.

This is me reminding myself to get
my flu shot later on today.  Right.

This is also me telling you that I got to
as many email addresses as I could and added
a no!spam blocker that should be easy
to recognize.  Get rid of the capital letters and / or
punctuation, and the email should arrive fine.

Gone are the halcyon, spam-free days of 1997 forever,
I suppose.  Sad but true.  Onward and upward, I say.

Two weeks from today, I'm twenty-one.
(gifts gladly accepted, I might add...)

Yesterday was Britney Spears's birthday.
She's already 21, the strumpet.
Bet she's still out drinking in the backwaters
of Louisiana or wherever she's from.  Feh.

Anyway.  New playlist, and a particularly
impish playlist, at that.
I just love it when my radio show is fun...

Oh, and scary site I rediscovered today.
And he insists he's straight?
Has he *looked* at his own wardrobe page?
Lawdy, lawdy.

Yes indeedy.  This is what I like to see:

Who's your male Buffy soul mate?

brought to you by Quizilla

Less than a month till that special time of year
that is my birthday.  This year, it's my 21st.
If you really love me, you'll get me one of these.

Oh, there's a new playlist, too.
Fun show.  Guess the theme, win a prize.

Well, the prize is that warm glow of accomplishment
we all feel when we get something right.
Who needs more than that, eh?

New cute picture of me in my bio!
I *heart* my digital camera.  It's from
back right after I dyed my hair, and had
pinkeye again--hence the glasses and color.

Oh, and new playlist.
FUN show!  If you didn't listen,
you definitely missed out.

Don't worry--you've got one more chance
before Thanksgiving.  Hee.

Yep.  Playlist time.  But check it out!
It's my second attempt at theming
"Same Title, Different Songs"
(and my first time doing it with any preparation).
I'm quite pleased.  The results were
hilarious, sometimes.

Anyway.  I maybe should've waited till 11.11.02 to do it...
but I was feeling down tonight and wanted to cheer
myself up.  And this definitely did the trick.

I'm still insecure, mind you.
It's just a nice glossy insecurity--
and that kind slides down real easy.

Added a new playlist, and fixed the link
to old Spring '02 playlists (it was previously
nonexistent).  Show was spoooooky!
(well, kinda.  boo!  gotcha.)

New week!  New playlist!

Radio update!
This is a great show, I think--
entirely composed of title tracks of albums.

But you figured that out without my even
telling you, now, didn't you?

I think this is pretty interesting.
Look!  I come from the heart of 
pop country!

...and now I say soda.
I'm a victim of my environment, I am.

Right.  I'm supposed to be writing a paper.
Yep.  Getting on that.

I find it kind of sad that all I ever do to this site
anymore is add radio playlists.

You want more, right?  More, more more!

Too bad.  My life is swamped.
Try again another year.


That time of year!  Er, week, rather.
Yep, that's right--radio update.
And I'm clearly in better spirits than I was
last week, despite the deceptive "yay" I added--
verbosity is the only sign of contentment.
And even then, it's not causal, merely demonstrative.

Did that make sense?  whatever.
I have brown hair now.  Very brown.
"brown sugar-colored," said a friend
at Whim rehearsal tonight.

People don't recognize me sometimes.
I love it.  Hee.


Lookee!  A radio update!  How novel!

Anyway.  There are also a lot of new
CDs in the archive, and I fixed some
annoying buttons on the playlist pages.

Now I'm going to bed.  Good night.

Check it out.  Almost 4 months later, I'm updating again.
Summer was amazing.  I'll get some images up soon.
(really really truly i promise)
School has begun, I'm a senior, and I'm going to have
to shut down my tape trading business for good.
Sorry, kids.  I'm just too busy.  Sad but true.

In other news, I acquired almost 40 cds this summer--
THAT should strike fear into the hearts of lesser men.
I'm hoping to get a better time slot for the EC
than last year; still awaiting confirmation on exactly when.
I'm averaging 11 hours of rehearsal a week, between
Whim & Glee Club--and that's not even counting
Mory's nights, when Whim adds five hours more to my
already-packed schedule.  Good thing I'm having fun,
or my life would suck, now, wouldn't it?

I want to write more poetry.  I want to upload a new
photo of myself online.  I want to sleep without fear
of oversleeping or guilt about not doing work.
I want to feel confident about my singing,
because no matter how much positive affirmation
I receive, I always feel inferior to those around me.

That's a problem in a lot of aspects of my life right now.
I used to be self-confident.  What happened?

Anyway.  I'm a senior.  That should be confidence enough.

...or maybe it's just abject fear of the next eight months.
Whatever.  I'll live.  I always do.

Well, there you go.
The Eclectic Café
was a smashing success--and so easy!
Six hours of pure musical madness,
and it all just flew by.  Check it out.

This will be the last update here till
September, as this beast of a machine
is being packed up for the summer.
I personally will be flitting all over:
Africa in May / June, Seattle & DC
in July, then Germany in August.

So!  Till then, gentle reader, have a
delightful summer, and we'll have to
swap stories when we return.

Oh, I am a rockstar.  I'm done with finals.
Officially a senior.

Wait, I don't *want* to be a senior.
That's scary.  Arg.

Anyway.  There's one more update
for next week's show, then a summer hiatus.
I'll miss you, but I'll be back soon.

Ok, quick little update so I can go see a klezmer concert.
[come and get me, google, come and get me...]

Radio show is here.  Two more this semester.
The last one will be a

...more on that later.

This is me.
I've been tapped as one of fourteen rising senior
women to sing in Whim 'n Rhythm.

...and I'm suddenly a cool kid in Yale's a cappella scene.
I can't believe how much being a part of this singing
group means to me already.  Seems right when
you start to really doubt yourself, something
comes along to help you recover your faith.

I, ah, also will be taking a world tour following graduation.
Not bad, eh?

Wow.  New week already, ergo new playlist.
Go check it--then go to cdbaby.com and buy
Anne Heaton's new cd Black Notebook.
Dang, but it's friggin' awesome.

That's all.  Maybe more.  Soon.  Or not.
Can't decide yet.  Hence my cryptivity.

(I think I just made that word up.)

Oh, yeah.  Now I remember:

This public service announcement
has been brought to you by Dan Bern:

"How can you know, how can you know?
Which is which, who's doing what?
I guess that you can ask 'em
Which one are you baby?
Do you like me or are you ignoring me?"

Hi, kids.  New playlist.

I think I had more to say, but
nothing comes to mind at the moment.

Go listen to Richard Shindell.
That's what I'm going to do.

have you ever stared so long at the sun
that your eyes burned for weeks after
glowing, shining at everything, everyone
with an intensity that few understand
few ever will understand?

Last night of the play.  I love you all.

Thought I'd forgotten about you, hadn't you?

Back from a delightful Disneyworlded spring break,
just finished the paper that's been haunting me
for the last month, and still on a high from the
WAY fun radio show last night.

Check out the playlist for yourself to see what you missed.
All upbeat songs, baby.  Rawk.  Maybe I'll change
the show to the Peppy Café next year.  Hee.

Oh, new poem, too, if you're so inclined.

Experimenting with scrollbar colors.
Only here and on the main page.
Let me know what you think, yes?

Aha!  A quickly-put-together update can be found
at its usual location (or here, if you'd prefer
to cut to the chase).

New Great Big Sea album today!  GBS @ Toad's
in one week's time!  Which, of course, means that
there will be no further EC broadcasts till *march* 26.
Sorry, kids.  Please email me requests in the meantime.
I *heart* hearing from you all.  Honest.

Wow, I really shouldn't've been doing this now...
But there's an update from tuesday's show.

Go.  Look.  See.  Amuse yourself.
I, personally, am going to bed.  *yawn*

I never get cool google results.

Most of the time, people are just looking for setlists,
bootleg tapes or something unsurprising and musical.
Then, on a whim, I checked my stats, and found this referral:

"how to put on the cavalier convertible top pieces"

Made me smile, anyway.

Ok, so technically this isn't a webpage update,
it's a ^kat^-update, but since you're here,
pull up a chair and sit a minute while I tell you:

I'm in a play!

I haven't been in a play since freshman year.
Last year was the first theater-free year I've had since...
well, forever, really.  First grade, maybe.  So this is big.
It's called The Fighting Frogs vs. Victoria Vanderbilt
and I play a female main character named Wally.

Ok, so it's not Shakespeare.  But it goes up April 4-6.
And I'm *so* excited!

 First playlist of 2002 is up!  yay.  um.
Go check it out.  The webcast is back, so listen next week,
will you?  6-8pm EST.  The best 2hrs of radio you'll hear
anywhere.  I mean it.  Not just 'cause it's my show.

New CDs have been added, incidentally.
Mad props 'n' stuff if you can tell which they are.

Otherwise, I'm finding myself obsessed with old Square One
songs.  Not Mathnet.  Don't get me wrong--there'll always
be a place in my heart for the anemometer episode.
But the music, oh, the music...

[If ever I needed proof that I'm a little odd,
it's certainly contained in the realization that seminar
reading passes through my mind with the greatest of ease,
but 10 years later I can still remember all the Square One lyrics
with relatively little prompting.  Man.  Nostalgia.]

Welcome to 2002!

This is just a quick note to say I'm back,
and while not necessarily better than ever,
I have updated my CD lists with lots of fab
new stuff, and with the arrival of a digital
camera for Christmas (!), hope to get some
pictures online shortly.  Stay tuned.