Barenaked Ladies

I Know
Dar Williams The Christians and the Pagans
R.E.M. Losing My Religion
Tori Amos Crucify
Hennessey Buddhamatic
Veggietunes 2 Stand
Dan Bern Jerusalem
Andy Stochansky Clay Pigeon
Cake Comfort Eagle
Ben Folds Not the Same
Moxy Früvous Down from Above
Sarah McLachlan Building a Mystery
Crash Test Dummies God Shuffled His Feet
Richard Shindell The Ballad of Mary Magdalen
Hotel Faux Pas Tickets for the Rapture
U2 Sunday Bloody Sunday
O Brother sndtk I'll Fly Away
Eddie from Ohio Great Day
Arrogant Worms Jesus's Brother Bob
The Nields I'll Meet You in the Sky
Ellis Paul Martyr's Lounge
XTC Greenman
Great Big Sea Turn
Chris & Meredith
Amazing Grace
Jill Sobule Soldiers of Christ
Jude Prophet
Dan Bern Thanksgiving Day Parade
Ellis Paul Maria's Beautiful Mess

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