They Might Be Giants

John Lee Supertaster
SNMNMNM Disco Barry
The Nields Gotta Get over Greta
Hotel Faux Pas Five Dead Scotsmen
Crash Test Dummies The Ghosts That Haunt Me
Tori Amos Happy Phantom
Moxy Früvous Splatter Splatter
Red Hot Chili Peppers Scar Tissue
Brian Dewan Cadavers
Aimee Mann Jacob Marley's Chain
Travis Follow the Light
Sean Altman Presto Change-O
Andy Stochansky Paris
Tory Cassis All the Saints
Richard Shindell Are You Happy Now?
Hennessey Buddhamatic
The Specials Pressure Drop
Douglas Leader Della
Semisonic Chemistry
Gorillaz Rock the House
DaVinci's Notebook Internet Porn
Buffy sndtk Rest in Peace
RENT sndtk What You Own
John Wesley Harding You in Spite of Yourself
Carbon Leaf The Boxer
The Apples in Stereo Rainfall
Cake Comfort Eagle
Lincoln Unhappy
Eddie from Ohio The Best of Me
Ellis Paul Maria's Beautiful Mess

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