Crash Test Dummies Superman [Song]
Five for Fighting Superman
R.E.M. Superman
Jimmy Eat World Sweetness
N & K Nields [The] Sweetness
Dan Bern Sweetness
Andrew Kerr More for Me
Tegan and Sara More for Me
Aimee Mann Lost in Space
Fountains of Wayne Lost in Space
Cake The Distance
Evan and Jaron The Distance
Whim 'n Rhythm '02 We Are
Vertical Horizon We Are
Tori Amos Crazy
Barenaked Ladies Crazy
Travis [The] Humpty Dumpty [Love Song]
Aimee Mann Humpty Dumpty
Counting Crows Mr. Jones
Ben Folds Mr. [Fred] Jones [Part 2]
Jimmy Eat World The Middle
They Might Be Giants [In] the Middle [x 3]
Dar Williams Iowa
John Linnell Iowa
Tegan and Sara Superstar
Josh Joplin Group Superstar
Great Big Sea End of the World
Nina Gordon End of the World
Ellis Paul Maria's Beautiful Mess

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