Tori Amos

Taxi Ride
Sam Shaber El Dorado
Moxy Früvous I've Gotta Get a Message to You
John Mayer City Love
Sarah Harmer Basement Apartment
Travis Pipe Dreams
John Wesley Harding Humble Bee
The Kennedys Pearl's Eye View
Dar Williams Better Days
Pete Yorn For Nancy ('cos it already is)
N & K Nields New State of Grace
Veggietales His Cheeseburger
DaVinci's Notebook The Gates
Susan Werner All of the Above
Jude The Not-So-Pretty Princess
Badly Drawn Boy Born Again
Andy Stochansky Wonderful (It's Superman)
Counting Crows American Girls
Tegan and Sara I Hear Noises
Sarah Slean Weight
Rufus Wainwright He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
Ben Folds Five Best Imitation of Myself
Blur Song 2
Chris & Meredith
Tanglewood Tree
Coldplay The Scientist
Eddie from Ohio Number Six Driver
Weezer Island in the Sun
XTC Senses Working Overtime
Sean Altman Presto Change-O
Ellis Paul Maria's Beautiful Mess

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