Anne Heaton

Black Notebook
Nerissa &
Katryna Nields
Kings of Convenience I Don't Know What I Can Save You From
Michael Penn Whole Truth
Cowboy Junkies A Horse in the Country
Dan Bern New American Language
XTC Mayor of Simpleton
Eddie from Ohio Irish Dream
Sarah Harmer Don't Get Your Back Up
Radiohead Black Star
Fountains of Wayne It Must Be Summer
Moxy Früvous Incredible Medicine Show
Travis Sing
Carbon Leaf Shine
Peter Mulvey All the Way Home
Rufus Wainwright Rebel Prince
Richard Shindell On a Sea of Fleur-de-lis
Great Big Sea French Perfume
Tory Cassis Such a Crime
Ellis Paul The World Ain't Slowing Down
Colony Sweet as Candy
Ben Folds The Luckiest
Hedwig &
the Angry Inch
Wig in a Box
Sting After the Rain Has Fallen
Great Big Sea Turn

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