Lori McKenna

Barenaked Ladies Steven Page Is Having a Baby
Aimee Mann &
Michael Penn
Two of Us
The Nields Georgia O
Ben Folds Gone
Richard Shindell Courier
Crash Test Dummies Afternoons and Coffeespoons
Rufus Wainwright Instant Pleasure
Sloan I Love a Long Goodbye
R.E.M. All the Right Friends
Equation Autumn Tune
Tori Amos Tear in Your Hand
Belle & Sebastian The Loneliness of a Middle-Distance Runner
Hedwig & the Angry Inch Wicked Little Town
Peter Mulvey Words Too Small to Say
Cowboy Junkies A Horse in the Country
Hennessey Slave to Fashion
Hotel Faux Pas Swimmin'
Gorillaz Rock the House
Tory Cassis Anywhere but Here
Eddie from Ohio Jerusalem
Moxy Früvous I Will Hold On
Jill Sobule St. Francis
John Wesley Harding You in Spite of Yourself
Ruth Gerson Fools and Kings
Great Big Sea Turn

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