Freshly back from a couple days at home for Thanksgiving,
and while I feel rejuvenated, I also have an insatiable desire to watch
all the CSI and Law & Order I can stand.
Oh, how I've missed lazy evenings at home,
with loving parents and fuzzy kitty...

...buuuut, I have exams to study for, so I won't dally long.
Just wanted to let you know that there's *another* blog (*gasp!*),
one that I can update from any computer I please.
So set your bookmarks accordingly,
and please do make liberal use of the "comment" feature,
since you don't have to be an imeem user to say something.

(I won't freak out I won't freak out I won't freak out...)

Right.  Back to work.

Has it really been almost a month since my last update?

Huh.  Sorry about that.
And I feel as though the first thing I must discuss
on this dark, sad day is the cancellation of Arrested Development.
Goodbye, Bluths.  You never were long for this world.
And the raving lunatic masses simply don't know
what's truly, honestly funny in this crazy, mixed-up world of ours.

On a lighter note, another reason I've been absent is
It's shiny and pretty and powerful.
It has hours and hours of battery life, internal wireless,
and it doesn't even weigh as much as my cat does.
Truly, friends, I did not foresee this day.
It crept up upon me, and now I'm a full-blown convert
to the Apple way of life.  It's blissful, indeed.
I'm still figuring things out, but for the most part, YAY.

(For those of you who pop over to the blog,
this is also why there hasn't been a whole lotta activity
there, of late, because imeem doesn't have a Mac client...
yet.  And like John Cusack so rightfully deduced in High Fidelity,
"yet" means "it WILL happen, but hasn't already."
Looking forward to it, Allan and co.)

In other news, I'm having lunch with 2 (!) of my professors,
thanks to some rather stunning bidding in the SFPIF silent auction.
I was readying to sing with Habeas Chorus at the time,
so I can't claim credit for the victories.  I'm bemused, though,
and hopefully my $120 will come back to me in the form of a
public-interest grant for work next summer.
(Also, in finding the aforementioned links,
I just discovered that three of my four profs got their BAs at Yale.
Go Bulldogs!  woo!  er.  anyway.)

So... that's about it, for now.
A little freaked about exams.
But before that,
I have the joy of going home for Thanksgiving
and seeing my little fuzzy kitty again.
Oh, how I miss her!
And, um, my parents, too.

I just find it horribly unjust that so much of my clothing
should still be covered in cat hair,
yet I'm reaping none of the benefits of cat ownership.
Truly unfortunate.

Hello, friends.

In the middle of midterms here, so there's not much time
to add too much substance to the site.
I've been fairly good about updating the ol' blog, though,
so add the RSS feed to your favorites in Firefox
and you'll never miss a single scintillating moment.

I've acquired a lot of great new cds, though,
including Broken Social Scene, Weezer's Pinkerton (they played
"El Scorcho" in concert and I couldn't get it out of my head),
John Vanderslice's Life and Death of an American Fourtracker,
and Franz Ferdinand's You Could Have It So Much Better.
But really, Alex & Co.?  You couldn't possibly have it better,
because you released a superb sophomore album
that will undoubtedly be on my best-of list come December.

They'll definitely have some competition from Nada Surf, though.
EXCELLENT concert, and they played a lot of their new cd,
The Weight Is a Gift, as well as quite a few from Let Go.
John Vanderslice, too, was fantastic in concert, and lest I forget,
the delightful fellows in Fountains of Wayne didn't disappoint, either,
at the WTTW taping I attended last week.  It's nationally syndicated
on public television, so I'll keep you posted re: when the airdate might be.

Right-o.  Back to the Civil Procedure outline,
already oh so marginally in progress...


Outlook Express imploded while compacting my email folders
and I've essentially lost all messages from the last 2 years.
This, as you may have guessed, is somewhat of a problem,
particularly since I haven't been as diligent about updating
my address book with new email addresses as I should've been.

So.  If you've emailed me and are wondering why I haven't written back,
it could very well be that I've lost your email address.
Kindly re-send the message and I'll be all over the response,
I promise.

Oh, and switch to Thunderbird, if you haven't already.  Arrrgh.

Quickie update because I have reading to do:

Law school going fine, but man, am I out of practice
on the schoolwork-front.  Also, my upcoming concert schedule
is not for the faint of heart: I just saw Aqualung and Bloc Party;
I will be seeing Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs/Weezer/Foo Fighters,
Michael Penn, John Vanderslice, Nada Surf, the Decemberists (yay yay yay),
and Girlyman/Dar Williams.  That's just through the end of October.

Chicago is a magical, marvelous town, indeed.

My first Chicago update!

Real, tangible updates throughout the webpage,
where the rather flashy kk dot com banner has been replaced
by a more sedate "back" button at the bottom of a lot of pages.
Maybe all of them by the time I'm done, maybe not.
It served its purpose well, but it's a relic from another time.

Also, go to the links page!  A couple changes there, too.
And there's a blog link from the mainpage.
(I've been busy.)

I've also been busy with law school orientation...
I'm meeting some swell folks,
and I'm terribly excited for classes to start in earnest.
I have photos on Snapfish; send me an email and I'll share.

What else...  I'm having a non-life-threatening but very annoying
health crisis right now; will be testing out the University Health service ASAP.
This is what is known as a stressor I do not need at the moment, thanks.

I haven't cooked a real meal yet, though.  Dunno how that will go.
I'm ace at following recipes, but they always cook up for, like, four people.
Either I have to do some quick mental math and halve it,
or I eat the same damn meal all week.  Sigh.

Well well well.  I'm back!
Sorry for the delay; I was so bummed about
all the crrrrrap surrounding the visual display of this computer
that I was loathe even to turn it on for ages.

HOWEVER.  Since I will be moving to Chicago
ever so shortly, I figured now is as good a time as any
to Get Things Done.  To that end, I went out and got
a lovely new ATI video card for my computer,
and it works like a charm!  No more horizontal lines!

...except when I went to adjust the angle of my monitor just now?
It totally did the fade-out thing for which I've had to shake it in the past.
Yeah.  There IS something wrong with my monitor,
but it wasn't the horizontal lines--it's this weird white-out thing
that happens every once in awhile.  RRGH RRGH RRGH.
Should have just kept the shiny new monitor!
Anyway.  This one still works, I suppose, and maybe I'll just
ask for a new monitor for Christmas or birthday.

Man, talk about a cautionary tale.

So, as far as actual web updates go,
I've changed the "photo," "bio" and "kat" pages.
Also new CDs in the archive, but that's always the case.

ANYway.  Much has happened since my last update:
Uncle Cousin Jesse came to visit and we took him to his first concert,
Howie Day & Gavin DeGraw.  I had a great time, as did he,
which amazed me considering he's a self-professed lover
of such artists as "Eminem," "AC/DC" and "Journey."

In other news, I went to my seventh annual Falconridge Folk Fest,
possibly the last to be held on Long Hill Farm due to its being sold.
The music was great, the people we camped with were even better,
and aside from some minor sun poisoning issues (guh),
it was a positively perfect weekend.  Boy, do I hope I can go next year.

I also got the thrill of spending a weekend in HERSHEYPARK!!!11
with three of my Yale friends, driving straight to PA from my last day
as a Major Case Assistant at DGMS.  Between a Harry Potter party,
Indian Echo Caverns and the wonders of the amusement park,
I had a positively wondrous time--and even learned how to play
no-limit Texas Hold 'Em poker.  I'm not very good,
but everyone's gotta start somewhere, eh?

In the last week I've seen Duran Duran and Elvis Costello;
next week I have Coldplay and Marc Cohn/Suzanne Vega/Joan Osborne
to look forward to.  And packing, oh, the packing...
Big stuff gets moved via U-Haul on the 2nd,
and I'm heading up for good on the 14th.

I'm a little nervous, but mostly excited.  Living on my own!
Law school!  A vibrant, lively urban setting!

All it doesn't have is Foxy, and boy, will I miss her.
Best kitty ever.  I'm spoiled for the rest of my life.

Hello, web-reader.
Not a lot to report... the video card I'd purchased
isn't compatible with the ancient, creaky machinery
in this desktop, so I'm still working within the confines
of this old, crappy video card.  Sigh.

Ohh, but this just in--the Bravery?
Don't suck as much as I was led to believe!
In fact, their self-titled disc is well worth the $8 I paid for it
at Target, in some crazy super-sale.  It's not EPIC
music by any stretch of the imagination, but it's fun.
And it will figure prominently in my summer '05 sampler,
already in progress.  The mixes just keep coming!
I'm helpless to stop them.

(My newest exciting themed mix is
songs about monarchs and leaders.  hee.)

Ohhh, and I have a blog.  For serious!
Friend Allan's crazy iMeem program has them all built in,
complete with RSS feed, which I can't seem to manage on my own.
So bookmark blog.imeem.com/katherine and browse away.
It's not meant to replace this page, it's meant to supplement.
We'll see how things go.  I hope to have a link from the main page
one of these days... but I've been hoping to do a lot of things lately,
and they're still not done.  But look!  time for bed.  How convenient.

(...oh, and if you want an iMeem invitation, just ask--I've got several.)

I'm dedicating this update to Trunger,
who apparently checks this dusty ol' website every week
in the hopes of gleaning something new re:
my not-so-exciting existence.  This one's for you, man!

ANYway.  TONS of new cds in the archive,
most notably, THE DECEMBERISTS, who I simply CANNOT
recommend highly enough (HENCE ALL THE CAPS).
Their live show is one of the best I've seen since, well,
since Früvous stopped touring, and you know that's saying a lot.
Get Picaresque now, if you know what's good for you.
Also, the new Ellis Paul?  Disappointing!  Sigh.
Too much fun in the studio = not much fun for the listening audience
(right, Jian?).

Sooooo...  I went to New Haven last weekend because it was Commencement,
and I just wanted an excuse to see my friends who were still in town.
It was, hands down, one of the best weekends I've had in a long time.
I can't remember when I've laughed so hard, at everything and nothing.
I just love you guys, honestly.  Is it too late to retreat to 2002?  Probably.

(...and I can hear you over there in the corner, Thomas Wolfe,
and I don't want any of that nonsense.
I did go home again, and it was lovely, thanks.)

Oh, and with any luck, the grrrreat video card shift will happen this weekend.
I've backed up my files, so hopefully in the event of complete annhilation
not everything will be lost.  But I'm keeping an optimistic outlook.

One clock says 1:01 am, one says 12:55, one says 12:58.
All signs say, "Go to bed NOW, fool."  Right-o.
Gots to get my beauty rest for my Kaplan class tomorrow, natch.
And who can resist Biz Cas Fri?  Not I, not I.

Oooh, I have little kitty-bites all over my hand.  Ow.
My own fault--I just love teasing Foxy.
She's adorable when she's perturbed.

I will definitely miss her when I'm at law school this fall...

...at Northwestern!

I loved the Admitted Students' Day, the curriculum options, the city--
considering I've only spent a handful of days in Chicago ever,
there's lots to explore.  Went back up last weekend to find an apartment,
and fell in love with one in the Gold Coast area, about 12-15 min walk
from campus.  Hardwood floors, lots of character, utilities included...
I won't know till mid-June if I'm in, but I'm hoping.

Aaaaand... for those of you still keeping track (in other words,
none of you, but whatever), it's not the monitor that's causing my
display woes on this computer.  It's the VIDEO CARD.
It's so simple I wish I'd thought of it sooner... especially since now
I have to pay a restocking fee to take back the fine new monitor
I'm using this very minute.  Sigh.

What else, what else...  Oh!  I'll be back in New Haven
for Commencement next month, so if you're also gonna be in the area,
drop me a line, as I'd love to see you.

Also, I just realized, with great horror, that as much as I love
Richard Shindell, I actually didn't own two of his albums,
Blue Divide and Reunion Hill, and as a result my Ohio mix
must be further delayed, as I hate using live tracks as part of mix CDs.
However, amazon.com to the rescue, and hopefully I can git 'er dun (guh)
by next weekend.  Thanks go out also to the fine folks at the woxy.com
message boards, who directed me to an awesome Pretenders track
about the disillusion of coming home to Ohio and finding everything changed.

Bands I'm digging right now: Kaiser Chiefs (SO MUCH--don't believe the haters,
as I am hard-pressed to come up with any "filler songs" on this disc),
the Zutons (fun!  they use a saxophone!  I must be in a Brit-pop phase right now),
and the new Over the Rhine, which is way more down-tempo than Ohio
but heart-rendingly beautiful, especially "Born."
Thumbs up to the new discs from Beck and Moby, too.  I don't yet have
the new Ben Folds CD(s), but they're on the way, and I am oh so excited.
He's supposed to be touring again with Rufus this summer, which is good news.
Also, ELVIS COSTELLO will be at the Fraze Pavilion in late July,
and while I don't want to celebrate too much until tickets are in hand,
I am DEFINITELY psyched at seeing another of my rock heroes live, at last.

Must not forget, also, to plug recent memoir/cautionary tale
So You Wanna Be a Rock Star: How I Machine-Gunned a Room Full
of Record Executives and Other True Tales from a Drummer's Life
by Jacob Slichter, drummer from Semisonic.  I'm a fan of the band,
but you don't have to be to appreciate this insider's look at the music industry.
He's a Harvard graduate, but don't hold that against him--it's actually very
well-written, if somewhat wistful, particularly knowing that they, too,
are on "hiatus" and might not make another album.  Sad.

Apropos of nothing,
I haaaaaate allergy season and my itchy eyes.  BLARGH.
My vision is a little blurry from rubbing them so hard just now.
I realize this is probably not a good thing, but sometimes you just
have to do what feels good, even if you shouldn't (right, Sloan?).

Bye, pretty, shiny, new monitor.  It's been fun.
And SCREW YOU, NVIDIA technology.  Bah.
I'm going for an ATI card now, suckers.

Happy Easter!  It seems too early for this holiday.
It's not even Daylight Savings time yet.  Plus, today is gloomy and ick.
Really puts the damper on the egg hunt.

ANYway, just flew in from Hawaii, and boy are my arms--yeah, whatever.
Actually, I'm not dealing too well with the jet lag thing, both staying up too late
*and* getting up too early.  I feel like a zombie.  rrrgh.  brainnzzz.

So, the law schools have all weighed in, and I've got one more
waitlist option and one more rejection since last we spoke--
thus, the same options I've had for months now, but I'm no further along in deciding.
In other words, I suck, and instead of listing pros and cons and doing the research
I said I would, I've been futzing around the TWoP website reading the forums,
for God's sake, which is a sure sign I need to get off my arse and get things done.

And not that this is anything anyone but me cares about,
but I need a new monitor for this computer ASAP, as I've had to shake this one
about eight times just to get it to display anything other than scary fade-out blackness.
GRRRGH.  I hate relying on highly un-technical means of solving technical problems--
I'm sure the shaking part isn't really helping my monitor, but I can't even shut off
my computer without some sort of display.  Yeesh.

I just signed up for an Audioscrobbler, but then I read that it doesn't catalog
what your iPod plays, just what iTunes plays, which is thoroughly lame for
yours truly, who spends 8 hours a day with her iPod and about 2, if she's lucky,
at her iTunes-enabled laptop.  Thus, I am loathe to listen to anything on iTunes now,
lest it look like I have zero options in music and questionably skewed taste.
(That's why I'm in no great hurry to reveal my Audiowhatever page to the world.)
I won't argue the questionably skewed taste part, but I have tons of options, at least.
I will now include my obligatory mention of WOXY.com, not only because I read
their forums religiously for actual, useful music news and other info,
but also because it's the best 'net radio station around.
If it weren't for them, I wouldn't be seeing Dogs Die in Hot Cars tomorrow (yay!).

(And as for the questionable taste?  I'm importing Spaced Out:
The Very Best of Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner
to iTunes right now,
and I'm so excited.  For genre, iTunes lists it as "Unclassifiable."  HA!)

Anyway, I need to update and get outta here before my monitor explodes.
Heading to Northwestern this weekend, and by my next update
I will have chosen a Law School!  woo!

Oh, and watch Arrested Development and Veronica Mars
so they're not cancelled.  I *heart* these shows and will be very sad if they disappear.
So, do it for, you know, the children, if not for, like, yourselves.  Thanks!

So, in my never-ending search to be increasingly productive,
I finally looked up what the cost would be to repair the monitor
I currently have, with its strange horizontal-line issues: $275.00.

Cost of buying a new, basic-model 15-inch LCD screen?  $230.00.

Yeah.  Sigh.  We've had some good times, Monitor,
but I think I might have to say goodbye.

ANYway.  T-minus 3 days until I leave for Hawaii.  Woo!
I'm 2/3 packed, but it's really hard to know what to take,
since I'm not really sure how much dressy v. casual stuff I'll need.
I also know, no matter what I try to do in advance,
that I still won't get enough sleep the night before the trip.  UGH.
I hate traveling sleepy.

In other news, I've been on a new-music-purchasing binge:
Astaire, Elliott Smith, more Dandy Warhols, Bright Eyes,
The Streets, Wilco, +/-, The Mendoza Line, Ivy, Tori, Tory (hee),
old Autour de Lucie (I *heart* used CD shopping), & the new Death Cab EP.
I've listened to such a small portion of this that I can't even begin
to weigh in yet, but I'm hoping for ample time during the Hawaii trip to
evaluate all of the above.  Still on a craaaazy themed mix CD binge,
and what irks me most is that I know I purchased a used copy of
Everclear's "AM Radio" album in summer '03, but I cannot
for the life of me find it, which is not boding well for the future
of my Radio Mix.  Hmm.  My Stalker Mix is nearly done, though,
as are my Telephone Mix, my Falsetto Mix, and my Ohio mix (though
the latter still needs a couple more tracks.  Suggestions?)
I am also so excited I can hardly stand it in anticipation of
the wonder that will be my Aliens and Robots! mix,
still hovering at the hour mark in length, but sure to be a crowd-pleaser
when all is said and done.  I re-took the Music Nerd Test yesterday
and scored a 73.43%, or "extreme music nerd."  One of the questions?
"I like to... make mix tapes or CDs with a theme."  Boy, do I ever.

Law school tally: 6 for, 4 against, 1 wait list, 2 undecided.
Of the 2 left, I'm fairly certain one will be a reject, but the other
could go either way...  I'm going to RSVP for the Northwestern
admitted students weekend on Apr. 1, I think, because I can
get there fairly easily and because I think it's my top choice.
Truthfully, I'm honestly not sure what my top choice is.
It might be George Washington, if I stick with the "studying in DC" idea.
Or is it USC, with the "be in LA to study entertainment law" idea?
GAH.  Also, I'm über-busy at work, so I'm not sure if I'll get
everything done I'll need to before I leave for the trip.  STRESS.

Anyway.  Back to packing, already in progress...
next week at this time I might be getting lei-d!  *snarf*

How did that Nields song go?
"Valentine's is just another day?"  Yeah.

It is, however, my father's birthday, as well,
so no need to celebrate an artificial holiday in this household.

Anyway.  Major change in the front page; "früvous" is now
"CD archive," since it has deserved a link from the index screen
for years and has seen far more changes since this website's inception
than my much-ignored little Frü-page.
I'll still link to the Früvous page from the bio-screen, though.
And YES, I need new pictures, and probably ought to consider
what to do about that ghastly-looking "bootlegs" page,
and I suppose the blinking "me   ow" at the bottom of every screen
has more than worn out its welcome.

Eh.  I'll get to it all.  Eventually.

Law school tally: 6 for, 3 against, 4 undeclared.
I'm starting to doubt completely my rationale in deciding which
schools I applied to, so any reassuring words you can toss
my way would be rather appreciated.  Thanks.

Oh, and new CD acquisitions include the Arcade Fire, Brian Wilson,
Rufus Wainwright and Joseph Arthur.  And if you want a copy
of my still-unfinished-but-guaranteed-to-be-great "Ohio" mix CD,
it's not too soon to put your name in.

First, an apology to all those who have signed the guestbook
since, oh, Fall 2003:

For some reason, Lycos has stopped sending automatic emails
when someone signs your guestbook, and as a result,
I had no idea that several of you had even stopped by.
My sincerest apologies to Ray Kenney, whose email address
no longer works and whom I couldn't thank for his note.

That having been said, I finally got off my arse and made
ExRec '04, which I've been quietly distributing to the usual suspects
and anyone else I think might enjoy it.
Drop me an email and let me know if you're interested.
What's on it, you ask?  AWESOME music.
If I say any more, I'll have to kill you.

...but reading through 2004's "updates" to see what artists
I saw fit to mention on here might give you some kind of clue.

My big plan for this evening is to write my long-overdue
EC Newsletter for winter '04/05; there is lots to say,
and if I don't say it now, it will soon be irrelevant.

(Man, if I'm this bad at doing what should be a fun, musical romp
what kind of shape will I be in for law school come Fall?)

Anyway, for those keeping track, I got my new diploma.
Still in Latin, still possibly says something offensive since I can't read it,
only now it has the addition of a small, black line of italic text.
I figured I'd get a colorful sticker, at least!  Man!
My National Forensics League certificate for Speech
in high school looks more hoity-toity than this!
Oh, well.  I had to turn my other diploma in, though,
so I can't offer up my first on eBay or anything.  Sorry.

Also, I have now been accepted to 5 (!) law schools
and 7 still haven't said one way or the other.
But don't ask, because I don't know yet where I want to go.
I would go to all of them, if I could.  I hate to disappoint, you know?

See?  I'm already better at updating!  Whee!

Actually, I don't have a whole lot to say... lots more CDs.
The problem with my sporadic updates over the past year-plus
is that I know there are CDs that I've forgotten to list--
not that it's the world's most user-friendly interface, but whatever.
I love it when I can look under "L" and see the Libertines, Lincoln,
Patty Larkin and the Long Winters.  I think it says a lot about me.

Mom says I miss having a radio show.  I suppose she's right.

I heard Semisonic's "One True Love" while in line at Quizno's
today and it made me nearly ecstatic.  It takes so little to make me happy,
really.  I was humming the bridge all the way back to my office.

Oh, look.  I need to go to bed.  More soon.
I'm good for it this year, really.

So.  2005.  We meet at last.

as I couldn't even spare the time to update my webpage
for my annual "Best of 2004" CD list before 2004 expired.
I thought about cheating and updating now as though it were still '04...

...but you're better than that, dear reader, you're better than that.
And, you heard it here first--new resolution #4:
update the webpage twice a month at least!
Strive for weekly updates!  Tell you friends!  It's a party!

Anyway.  Two weeks late and with very little fanfare,
my best CDs of 2004:

10. Sarah Harmer, All of Our Names
9. The Killers, Hot Fuss
8. Snow Patrol, Final Straw
7. Green Day, American Idiot
6. Keane, Hopes and Fears
5. Dogs Die in Hot Cars, Please Describe Yourself
4. Brother, Urban Cave
3. Franz Ferdinand, Franz Ferdinand
2. R.E.M., Around the Sun
1. Modest Mouse, Good News for People Who Love Bad News

And now, the commentary:

I'm not a bandwagon-jumper; Modest Mouse's disc has enjoyed
a TON of airplay in my car/office/home this year.  Honestly, though,
the CD I wish I could include is The Twilight Singers' Blackberry Belle,
but, unfortunately, it was a 2003 release, and I'm trying to play fair this year.

For those of you keeping track, I finally did get that Dogs Die in Hot Cars CD,
and it is absolutely wonderful.  It's like a new XTC disc... if it were 1987.
I also really really really love Around the Sun; I know it's awfully AAA-glossy,
but there's so much to enjoy with repeated listens.  I should know--the entire album
has held 13 of the "top 25 played" list in my iPod for 2 months now.
What surprises me most, though, is Green Day, who has grown on me by leaps
and bounds in the 3 weeks since I purchased it.  Honestly, it's melodic, insightful,
inspiring and pretty amazing from a band that gave us Dookie once upon a time.
Plus, Billie Joe (with his little red tie and his spiky black hair) is awfully cute.

Ohh, and my honorable mentions, which I'm sure you're also dying to hear:
Morrissey, Carbon Leaf, Interpol, William Shatner, TMBG, Nellie McKay,
The Magnetic Fields, Cake, Rilo Kiley, and Richard Shindell, who honestly
got the shaft mostly because I haven't been able to give his CD the time it deserves.
I still love you, Richard, and we can still run off and make beautiful music
together someday.  For serious.  Also, I *heart* John Vanderslice's Cellar Door
and When I Pretend to Fall by the Long Winters, both of which (I think) came out
in 2003, and thus are ineligible.  But at long last to own "Cinnamon" on CD?
Priceless!  Barsuk, I cannot praise thee highly enough!

Can you tell I haven't yet done my EC newsletter update, or all of this
would've more than likely already been said there and thus not repeated here?
Those of you who aren't members are lucking out this time around.

So.  What else, besides CD lists?

Try R.E.M. twice in 2 weeks, the second time as guests of the opening band.
Try a weekend in Seattle with an overnight in Vancouver--and new Fluevogs.
Try a 23rd birthday at a Barenaked Ladies concert.
Try the best office secret Santa EVER and a Bose iPod speaker
and microbes and Eternal Sunshine and socks socks socks...
a foot of snow and an accidental snow day from work,
Arrested Development on DVD (at last!), a cute fuzzy Foxy,
and a week in the pouring rain in L.A. with friends I've missed SO much.

Oh, and try finishing your law school apps, with the tally at 3 yay (woo!)
and 1 nay (boo!) thus far.  The waiting is killing me.  Will kill me.

...and then try doubting yourself.  Have you made the right choice?
The right choice*s*?

Will 2005 be everything you hope it will?  Will your family keep its health?
Will you break free of Ohio?  Will you miss it when you've gone?
(of course.  On both counts.)

And, to be a silly little girl for once, will there be love?
Because it's been awhile, it has.  And I do fine without.
Brilliantly without, even.  I've learned how to knit, after all.

And if love won't keep me warm, my sweaters will.