go shorty... it's your birthday...

Oh, hi.  Don't mind me.  Carry on with your,
commemorating ways.

I'm just 22.  22!  Wow.
And I don't feel any different.

Ok.  I find this so ridiculous that I had to make
an entirely new update about it:

Fountains of Wayne got nominated for a Grammy!

...for best NEW artist.

Funny.  I could have sworn I heard "Radiation Vibe"
on my transistor radio way back in aught-five.  I mean '96.
And I could have sworn that I fell in love with Utopia Parkway
over and over again in summer 2001.

Must have been that other Fountains of Wayne.
'Cause these guys are new.  Whatever.

Exam Recovery 2003 is done.  I haven't compiled
a "Best 10 CDs of '03" list yet, mostly because I don't
think that I can.  In fact, I should be asleep right now.
But maybe I'll attempt a list of "10 CDs I liked in 2003,"
because I don't think I feel strongly enough to call these
the best, you know?  I've missed out on some good releases
(most glaringly, the new Ben Folds EPs), and I don't own
the album that's the darling of the music mags
(the White Stripes' Elephant, if you live under a rock--er, don't subscribe),
so I don't want to rush to hasty value judgments.

That being said, here are 10 albums I liked (...a lot?),
almost all of which came out in 2003:

1) the NEW and IMPROVED Fountains of Wayne,
Welcome Interstate Managers
2) Guster, Keep It Together
3) Travis, 12 Memories
4) Girlyman, Remember Who I Am
5) 2 Skinnee J's, Volumizer
6) A-Ha, Minor Earth, Major Sky
7) Barenaked Ladies, Everything to Everyone
8) Over the Rhine, Ohio
9) Radiohead, Hail to the Thief
10) Jason Mraz, Waiting for My Rocket to Come

Honorable Mentions: Belle & Sebastian, Dear Catastrophe Waitress;
Rufus Wainright, Want One, South, With the Tides; Mogwai,
Happy Songs for Happy People; the best-ofs from R.E.M. and Tori
(yes, I bought them, and yes, they're worth it for the extra tracks);
the new double set from Outkast (just to prove I'm cool and hip, yo');
and the new ones from Homestarrunner.com and Groovelily,
both of which I'm sure I'll love but neither of which I've gotten yet.

Yep.  CDs I liked in 2003.  Super.  Off to sleep now.

So many updates!  So few good updates!

Anyway.  Fixed up my radio and playlists pages
with updated EC mailing list info.  Now you have
to be approved by yours truly to join, because
I get enough spam from other outlets that I don't
need it on the EC list, too.  Bah.

Minute changes in bio page, updated writings page
with a little poem-let I found from 2000.

I haven't been doing much writing lately.  That's not good.
I miss it.  Hm.

"It's been awhile, but I've been reading between the lines..."

...or something.  Hi.  Buying CDs like there's no tomorrow
(Oct. 25, where did you go?), so there's a lot of new stuff
in the CD pages (South, Thursday, Dashboard, Travis, BNL,
Belle & Sebastian... it's a good season for new music).  I'm on
the fence about the new best-of comps from R.E.M. and Tori.
It's like BNL said: "If you're a fan, then you know that you've
already got 'em," and I do.  But that didn't stop me from purchasing
BNL's greatest hits just for the 2 new songs, so maybe I shouldn't
overanalyze and just buy.  After all, "Bad Day" is a pretty
catchy song (even if I didn't win the trip to see them in Atlanta).

But I did win the new Dave Matthews CD!  I *heart* free music.
And 97X.  w00t.

Anyway, I'm now partially employed, teaching LSAT (heh)
at the Dayton Kaplan Center.  This weekend,
I'm seeing Over the Rhine, Guster, Show Boat, then Travis
in Detroit next Weds, with BNL and B&S the week following.
I am a lucky, lucky girl.

I also need to run some errands.  And possibly indulge in massive
overhauls of this website.  But I have more pressing matters
to attend to, first.  Like finishing The World According to Garp
before it's due at the library.  Or playing Snood.  Heh.

In other news, I'm also working on some ambitious mix CD projects,
and don't think I'm not going to make an Exam Recovery CD
just because I don't have exams anymore.  The only problem is
narrowing down my selections (so much good music!  so little
space on a blank CD!).  Let me know if you want one.

Oh, and happy Halloween.
I'm dressing up as a post-college student living at home
with little sense of what she wants to do with her life.

Terrifying, eh?


Today be Talk Like a Pirate Day, mateys.
Have yerselves a cup o'grog,
roll yer arrrrrrs like prrrrrrofessional pirates,
and don't ferget to pillage before you burrrrn.

Avast!  Perrrrrhaps Gorrrrrillaz say it best
in Rrrrrock the House: "...It's awfully groovy,
Seeing all the treasure and the booty!"

Wow.  Long time, no update.
Having the EC around forced me into adding something
new here on a weekly basis; now?  No incentive.  Heh.

Anyway.  I'm in Ohio, back home.  Not working, more
by choice than by default.  It's nice to have time off.
Whim World Tour was amazing, and there's not a whole
lot more I can say without going into lengthy detail.
I must visit Tokyo and London again someday.  Yes.

Now, I'm singing with the Dayton Philharmonic Chorus
and Chamber Chorus; our first performance is Nov. 21 & 22
(yes, the same weekend as the Harvard/Yale game, darnit).
We'll be singing Berlioz's Damnation of Faust; the Chamber
Chorus will perform Handel's Messiah on Dec. 10.
I'm starting horseback riding lessons on Monday.
I'm in the middle of re-taking my Kaplan course in prep
for the Oct. 4 LSAT.  I'm still thinking hard about my future
and how I want to be in New York, but how I need this
time with my family right now.  It's healing, for them and me.

I miss my Yale friends.  I miss Yale.
But college comes along for just the right amount of time
just when you need it most, those critical post-teen,
pre-adult years.  I still find it hard to believe that I
have a diploma.  Yikes.  But life will continue for me,
when it's right.  For now, I'm on hiatus.

It's September 11 again.  Funny how there's one of those
in every year.  And today is as clear and beautiful as
that horrific day two years ago.  I still grieve for the
tremendous loss of life, but more bitingly, the grievous
loss of personal and national innocence that those
terrorists stole.  The atrocities that have been committed
on all sides ever since, in the name of every kind of justice.
I'm fearful of the future, and find it terribly unfair to be
thrust into adulthood against a backdrop of 
economic and political turmoil.

But life was never supposed to be fair, was it?

Happy birthday, Karen M.  You had this day first,
and it's time enough that you reclaimed it.

That we all reclaimed it.

I'm a college graduate.  Alumna.
I no longer go to Yale, I went to Yale.
Little change in verb tense, BIG change in outlook.

I'm scared.  Not sure what my future plans are.
But as soon as I figure things out, I'll let you know, promise.

In the meantime, check the last (sigh) EC playlist,
which wasn't actually a marathon because I couldn't bear
to be away from my friends that long on our last night
in our residential colleges.  It's been a great run,
and I thank each and every one of you for your support.

More when I'm not exhausted--but if you don't hear from
me for awhile, it's because I'm on a 5-week world tour
with Whim 'n Rhythm '03.  Wish me luck...

Less than one week till I graduate.  Scary.

Playlist to the PENULTIMATE eclectic cafe is online!

Next week: commencement and MARATHON,
8pm EST, God willing.
It'll be both crazy-go-nuts and cathartic.
Don't miss it!

Feh.  My teeth still hurt.
Only on the lower right side, though,
so I guess things could be worse.

And there's a new playlist, so that's good.
Right?  Right.
Especially when there're only TWO more
Eclectic Cafés EVER.

May 19, 10pm.  May 26th, MARATHON.

Tune in, y'hear?  Thank you.

Well, this is my last update with a full
set o'teeth.  Yep, the ol' wisdom chompers
are coming out in, um, 45 minutes.

So, I'm updating now in the assumption that I'm
gonna be a little loopy post-op, and y'all
want your playlist, right?

Right.  Why did I schedule this surgery for
mid-final week of classes?  *siiiigh*

Another week, another playlist...

...but this week, NO ESSAY WORRIES!

If you want to read 80 pages on Internet radio
and the DMCA, email me (w/o "no!spam").
I'm happy to share the love.

Playlist.  Here.

It's nasty outside.
My essay is due in a week.

You ain't gettin' any more outta me tonight.

It's 3:20am, but I couldn't wait another minute:

^k^, linnell and flans

Interview went splendidly.  Will be on my
radio show Monday night, God willing.

What a kickass show, and what nice guys.
Damn, am I a lucky girl.

Well, that's it.  I've decided to give up
technology for good.  This website'll be up
for a couple months more, till my contract
runs out, but then I'm gone.


...April fools!  heh.  Had you going, there,
didn't I?  (c'mon, just pretend.  thanks.)

Anyway.  New playlist, and that's no joke.
I'm interviewing John Flansburgh this friday and
need to come up with some intelligent questions to ask.
(HELP!  email me, w/o the "no spam" stuff,
if you've got a good idea or three.)

Major updates, like the photos page,
which now exists.  Er, has content.  Whatever.

New cds, too.  A couple new links.
And I want to apologize for the
general suckiness of the fruvous and bootlegs pages--
they're vestiges of another life, and I may
get rid of them entirely this summer.

Unless you like them.  In which case, maybe they'll stay.
We aim to please, here at kkdotcom, inc.

Hi there.  It's been awhile.
I'd write more, but my head is killing me
and I'm not feeling particularly creative today.

Instead, I'll leave you with a radio playlist
and a wish for a happy spring.

[spring!  bunnies!  tulips!  whee!]

Ahh, Ash Wednesday.

Hm.  Shoulda played that Nields song on my last playlist.
Alas, I get all my best inspirations after-the-fact.

Go check it out, anyway.

(hey, that's a Nields song, too.  Heh.)

Bit of a delay with the updates,
thanks to some unseasonably cold and wintry
weather here in da'Haven.  New playlist this week,
and a couple new CDs in the archive, too.

CD of the week?
new A-Ha: Minor Earth, Major Sky.
Check it out.  Maybe you'll fall in love
with it, like I did.

Fortunately, this day is better than my last.
Thanks for asking.

New playlist: lurrrrve songs for V-day.

Did I mention that Winter Ball is this weekend, too?
A one-two punch of low blows for the single kids
on campus.  And what's worse, the darn Ball's
being held in the dining hall of my residential
college, so I can't even avoid it.

Thank God for DVN on Valentine's.  Geez.


Sorry.  It's been that kind of day.
Nothing new otherwise around here to report,
just... You know it's bad when
you wish someone could take your shower
*for* you.

Yeah, yeah.  I'm going.  5pm, and I'm showering.
But I'm definitely getting more sleep tonight.

Decidedly more chipper this week than last.
Aren't you thrilled?  yep.  Anyway.
New playlist.  Good fun.

February's always the shortest month of the year,
literally and figuratively.  Watch it fly by.


This is the scariest week of my life.
Honest to god.  I want my senior essay
draft to just write itself.

Funny how it's just not getting started.  eh.
Oh!  right.  You came here for a playlist,
not to hear me complain.

Tough.  My bandwidth, my grousing.
This week, anyway.  I've earned it.  Thanks.

Damn, am I sleepy.
BUT!  The webpage is all updated for 2003.
Yippee, hooray.
Go see the new radio playlist.
More to come.  Promise.