Sam Shaber

Gorillaz 19-2000 (Small Child Remix)
The Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots pt. 1
Wilco I'm the Man Who Loves You
They Might Be Giants Destination Moon
Beastie Boys In a World Gone Mad
All-Girl Summer
Fun Band
Jason Lee
Barenaked Ladies Stomach Vs. Heart
Faux Jean Hey!
Moxy Früvous Michigan Militia
Strong Bad Everybody to the Limit
Tegan & Sara Hype
A-Ha Summer Moved On
Radiohead Karma Police
Badly Drawn Boy Born Again
Kiddo You're Not What You Said You Were
Rufus Wainwright California
Reel Big Fish Sell Out
Counting Crows Hard Candy
They Might Be Giants Drink!
DaVinci's Notebook Another Irish Drinking Song
Great Big Sea The Night Pat Murphy Died
Eddie from Ohio Tom Burleigh's Dead
Barenaked Ladies Alcohol
Moxy Früvous The Drinking Song
Birddog $100 Wedding
Phantom Planet Anthem
XTC Merely a Man
Ben Folds Five Magic

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