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l-r: murray, jian, mike, dave; 12.31.98

Moxy Früvous. They have the quirk of TMBG, the humour of BNL, and an amazing diversity of harmonies and styles. Having seen them in concert, I can attest firsthand to their razor-sharp wit, vivacity, and charm (particularly that of a certain Persian band member...).

Credit for my conversion goes to two high school friends: one allowed me to borrow You Will Go to the Moon for a week after semester exams; the other treated me to Bargainville one evening in surround sound. Between these close encounters of the Früvous kind [and my curiosity], I purchased Bargainville just before leaving for Baltimore over spring break '98. Needless to say, I could listen to nothing else the entire trip. Within 2 months, I had acquired every Früvous album available (even those only released, at the time, in Canada...). I am now frü-crazy, and I'd travel with the band everywhere if I didn't have my schooling to keep me grounded. [Heck, even my *parents* are fans.] I've met some amazing people in the frü-community in the process, and I finally understand how half the joy of the live Früvous experience is the camaraderie with one's fellow concert-goers. They're great folk, and with Josh Woodward's wonder FrüHead Dot Com, it's easier than ever to keep in touch with them.

Curiously, though, it seems I was destined to discover this amazingly talented band one way or another. I finally listened to my bootleg copy of TMBG's '85 Demo Tape in the summer of '98 [6 months after I'd received it]. Oddly enough, on the flip side is 45 minutes of Moxy Früvous playing live in Syracuse in '97. The funny thing is, I did the 2:1 trade for the demo tape *before* I'd ever heard of Früvous. Spooky. I was fated to be a Früvous fan, I suppose.

Not that I'd have it any other way.

Nevertheless, here are links to photos & stories from my various frü-trips:

Tall New Buildings blackmail footage

6.9.98 Columbus borders instore concert

6.23.98 Cincinnati concert @ Ripleys

10.17.98 NKU performance

12.31.98/1.1.99 NYC shows at the Bottom Line

12.3.99 Amherst, MA show @ their Campus Center Frontroom

11.19.99 Philadelphia, PA show @ The Keswick

11.21, 12.1 & 12.4.99 shows

NoHo 12.30 and Buffalo 12.31.99 & 1.1.00

Frücon III!! Lee's Palace; Toronto, ON 2.17-19.00

I have more 1999 footage: Canal Street... The June Ark shows... Celebrate Toronto... Falconridge...

I also have a very slow computer hooked up to my scanner right now. Wait till later this year, and I promise a flood of new Frü-experiences will be added for your viewing pleasure.

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